art statement

Art Statement

Since my early childhood, I felt passion and curiosity for the performing and fine arts. I am never going to forget the beginning of this journey. When I was around 5 years old I went to a birthday party and as soon as I got there I was amazed for these two puppets performing in front of me. That magic captured me so deeply that since then, I have not stopped loving the arts. The love and dedication for the arts is being a long path nourished with different tools and skills. As a child, I enjoyed playing different instruments. Early on my puberty, I discovered the passion for sculpturing clay. As a teenager I nourished my passion for painting. Little by little I was building this feeling of creation. Little by little I was finding my own personal style in the arts.

It is clear to see on my paintings and designs the art I pursue. It is a combination of different elements such as my own personal experiences in life, my love for designing and painting, my fascination for symbolism and surrealism, and my curiosity for the theater.

I found on the performing arts a way to express myself as an artist. Scenic design as a part of the performing arts is my passion because combines two important aspects for me: The love I have for designing / painting and the joy I have for creating a space to tell a story.